Thursday, 21 June 2012

Shopping Report from Seoul!

The shopping opportunities within Seoul are simply enormous, ranging from street markets and local galleries, to department stores, underground shopping complexes and glitzy malls.

Although the glamour and the appeal of the glitzy department stores is hard to beat, the markets of Seoul offer a whole different shopping scene and the chance to haggle over the price.

Myeongdong (where we stayed) is Seoul's busiest area teeming with hundreds of people at any given time (below right)
There are a multitude of shops here and you can find home-grown Korean cosmetics stores like The Face Shop, Etude House, Tony Moly and Skin Food - their branches within the same block or so, each jostling for business, giving away free gifts and samples. 

It is also THE shopping mecca for K-Pop memorabilia. 
There are huge shopping complexes which have many shopping stalls, each hawking their own unique merchandise.

At night, bright neon lights beckon shoppers to this the area with many street vendors selling snacks like ddokbokki (rice cakes with oden in a spicy red sauce), sannakji (live octopus chopped up to be dipped in sesame oil or hot sauce), dakdongjib (chicken gizzards stir-fried with onions and bell peppers), golbengi (conch in hot sauce with vegetables), sewoogui (salted and grilled shrimp), and najkibokkum (spicy stir-fried octopus). My favourite was this fried potato spiral cut on a long wooden stick (below left)


You can really shop till you drop. Plenty of people watching too :)

Lovely colourful accessories within any girl's budget

Sweet feminine dresses adorn boutique displays

Chic Shops Aplenty

Casual Garb are the norm

Summer fashion in bloom & dizzy array of mobile phone accessories

Affordable Graphic Print Ts

Glam Chic shop fronts & Bursts of colourful hair accessories

Bustle of Night Shopping

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