Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Would you wear Spring's Maxi Skirt?

We couldn't help but observe this trend coming in waves -celebrities are wearing these printed maxi skirts and stores are stocking them again!

Here, Rachel McAdams is in Peter Som's Spring/Summer 2012 collection - a sheer cobalt crew-neck mesh tee with a fabulous printed maxi skirt. at the L.A. premiere of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

Rachel McAdams: 'Journey 2' Premiere!
image from www.justjared.com

Not only was the print on the skirt gorgeous, it was the pairing of the understated cobalt blue top with a full-length print that took our breath away - a daring alternative to the usual black long gown ensembles so favoured by other celebrities.

image from blog.pinkice.com

image from singer22.com

With the wrong top, a maxi skirt can transform you into a "Little House on the Prairie" school teacher. But with the right styling tips, you can look effortlessly chic!

Here are some tips to wearing maxi skirts:
  • Go Casual — A maxi skirt is already dramatic so tone it down a notch with a casual tucked in top like these from UNIQLO. Make sure they are fitted so that a streamlined silhouette can be maintained.

  • Go Cropped—Cropped tops will look sassy with a high-waisted maxi skirt. A tied-up button-up will look extra cute Check out these cropped tops (L-R): billabong, topshop and new look
                    Light Brown (Brown) Popper Tie Front Crop Top | 219103121 | New Look
images from billabong, topshop and new look

  • Wear under a knitted long sweater or tunic — a creative alternative! The knit details help balance out the volume in the maxi skirt. Choose neutral colours like these below from Topshop. 
   Knitted Tweedy Tunic             Knitted Chunky Raglan Tee - click to view          Knitted Chunky Stitch Crop Tee - click to view
all images from topshop

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