Sunday, 24 June 2012

Play it Plaid!

10 Ways to go Plaid:-

1)Pair Uniqlo Plaid shirt with a sparkly skirt!

2)Pair Forever 21 Plaid Shirt with leather leggings!

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3)Pair J.Crew Plaid Shirt with a darker skirt, swingy or straight

 gingham & polka dots
4)Mixing a Vintage Plaid Skirt with Stripes or Polka Dots

5) Wearing Vintage Plaid Shirt as part of a suit

6)Pair Lulu' Plaid Shirt with neutral muted pants

7)Pair Free People Plaid Shirt with Denim Cut-offs or Boyfriend Jeans 

8)Wear Plaid in a Dress-50s style or with a trench/parka

9)Wear Plaid in Pants

10) Wear Plaid under a dress

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