Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Look at Iconic celebrity hairstyles & their look-alikes

Audrey Hepburn stood out with a close-cropped pixie cut and Anne Hathaway enjoys her new cut 

Her sharp, side-swept pageboy crop made doe-eyed model Twiggy an emblem for swinging '60s style while Michelle Williams shines in her signature short hair

Cher's stick-straight hair has proved an inspiration for the flat iron's four-decade domination and Liv Tyler's long glossy locks bring out her famous puckers

It's the platinum blond curls that truly mark country girl Norma Jean Baker's official transformation into the world's most famous sex symbol: Marilyn Monroe.
Gwen Stefani's signature platinum is our best.

French sexpot Brigitte Bardot was known for the pouf long before Snooki.

Madonna's sky-high Blond Ambition pony is a standout and so is Katy Perry's colourful ponytail!

The "Rachel" cut was what millions of girls back in the mid-nineties wanted and now,Victoria Beckham inspires us to reinvent the bob again and again.

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