Thursday, 1 March 2012

March on with Camper Shoes!

We know that when we walk into a well-designed retail shop, the store interior is much about psychology as it is about aesthetics. So its front window display, its choice of furniture, aisle widths, display-rack heights, ambient lighting and the artistic arrangement of products and even the piped-in music all play an important role in appealing to the senses of the shopper. 

Thus, to kick off the month of March, we "march" to an international shoe company based in Spain whose stores in Singapore and all over the world are a testament to such details to their shop design!

The Camper store in Singapore was designed by the Italian architect, Michelle De Lucci as part of the Camper Together project.

"Design elements are means to transmit a message and the content becomes as valuable as the aesthetics. Decoration is thus transformed into information and information into decoration." 

Singapore Marina Bay Sands

Singapore Vivocity



Alicante, Spain

Bologna, Italy

Lyon, France

New York

Glasgow, UK

Vienna, Austria


Seoul, Korea
Camper Korea

Hong Kong

our picks from their collection:

21577-002 - 263 USD 21602-002 - 340 USD
21619-002 - 263 USD  21628-003 - 185 USD

20848-020 - 231 USD  46485-001 - 180 USD

21601-004 - 340 USD  46490-001 - 294 USD

From US$46-356

Shipping To SG US$14

Online shopping available at

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