Sunday, 4 March 2012

Wearing mixed prints - see how fashion bloggers pull it off!

Striped jackets and print blouses are so chic! 
Keep them in the same colour family if you are still new to this :)

Plaid jackets go well contrasted with polka dots!
The ensemble is so amazing and eye-catching!

Both top and skirt are polka dots but in different sizes- gorgeous!

Polka dots and animal prints match with a black jacket
yvan rodic facehunter renee sturme

Here polka dots and stripes work marvellously well!

Stripes in differing colours but same width work wonders!

More stripes and polka dots combos!

Stripes and tweed go hand-in-hand for a nice office look!

Like similar polka dots, similar stripes also look polished!

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