Saturday, 17 March 2012

Structural Vintage-Inspired Bags

Our Raves:

winston classic mustard purse

image of Raise the Barista Bag

ASOS Boxy Vintage Handheld Bag

Black Pattern (Black) Colour Block Lock Satchel  | 239828109 | New Look


Yellow (Yellow) Colour Block Across the Body Bag | 244491185 | New Look

1. Valerie Exotic Satchel, US$46.71,
2. Winston classic mustard purse, US$42.99,
3. Raise the Barista Bag, US$69.99,
4. ASOS Boxy Vintage Handheld Bag, £35.00,
5. New Look Colour Block Lock Stachel, S$53.90
6. H&M Small Shoulder Bag S$17.90
7. H&M Leather Shoulder Bag S$39.90
8. Topshop Canvas Strap Perforated Bag, £32.00
9. New Look Colour Block Across the Body Bag, S$33.90

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