Sunday, 15 January 2012

Fashion blunders 101

A look at some common Fashion Blunders

If you feel out of place with what you wear at times and feel a little self-conscious, here's some good news. You are NOT alone! Even celebrities and fashionistas make the same mistakes but the important thing is that we LEARN and MOVE ON!

Fashion blunders are common and can be committed by anybody. 
We hope to share with you a few ways to avoid them.


Do not buy colours that do NOTHING to flatter your skin tone.

Next time you are buying an outfit or choosing one from your wardrobe to put on, think about how you are feeling and what you would like to reflect in your image. 

When making a presentation to a group of people, wearing vibrant colours will help to hold the attention of your audience, whilst bland and neutral colours might put them to sleep! 

Note too that specific colours like red, help to make portray you as passionate. confident and in control, whilst soft pastel colours can make you seem quiet and shy. 

If you are unwell and feeling a bit off colour that is the time to wear strong and vibrant colours that will flatter your skin tone and help to make your skin glow instead of making you looked drained, tired and washed out.


Always pick the right size for YOU - try on the piece of clothing to find the right fit. 

Look at your profile (front, side and back if possible) to see how you look. 

NEVER squeeze into the outfit just because you like its colour, cut or worse, its price or brand!

A button-front blouse should never gap open at the bustline. If the garment seems to fit, the problem may just be wide-spaced buttons. Attach a snap.

A slim or pencil skirt should fit without bunching or wrinkling up. Do the sit-down test.

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