Friday, 27 January 2012

Celeb Styles and our Alternative picks

JENNIFER HUDSON photo | Jennifer Hudson

(Left)JENNIFER HUDSON in a tangerine wrap mini

(image from

(Right) Our Alternative to Jennifer's tangerine dress: 
H & M Dress S$ 79.90
(image from H&M)

SELENA GOMEZ photo | Selena Gomez 

(LEFT)SELENA GOMEZ sports aN Ann Taylor blouse

(image from

(Right) Our Alternative to Selena's white blouse: 
H & M Figure-fit chambray shirt S$24.90
(image from H&M)

JESSICA ALBA photo | Jessica Alba 

(LEFT)JESSICA ALBA looks effortlessly chic in a striped top

(image from

(Right) Our Alternative to Jessica's striped shirt: 
H & M Straight-cut top S$24.90
(image from H&M)

ANGELINA JOLIE photo | Angelina Jolie 

(LEFT) ANGELINA JOLIE looks polished in her Black leather skirt 

(image from

(Right) Our Alternative to Angelina's black leather skirt:
H & M short, figure-fit skirt in faux leather S$39.90
(image from H&M)

BLAKE LIVELY photo | Blake Lively 

(LEFT)BLAKE LIVELY IN A Sparkly Dolce & Gabbana top

(image from

(Right) Our Alternative to Blake's top: 
H & M Soft Jersey top with slight sheen and 
sequins on the front S$24.90
(image from H&M)

MANDY MOORE photo | Mandy Moore 

(LEFT)MANDY MOORE steps out in a striped long sleeved shirt

(image from

(Right) Our Alternative to Mandy's striped top: 
H & M Top in soft jersey with a slight sheen and 
3/4-length sleeves S$19.90
(image from H&M)

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