Sunday, 6 May 2012

E-Shop Alert!

In 2007, a young woman named Audrey was appointed the lead stylist of a boutique in Los Angeles, CA. Her immersion in the world of fashion quickly made her realize that luxury fashion, although manufactured for a relatively low price, was severely over priced at retailers.

Coming from a modest family, Audrey strived to make luxury fashion affordable.

In 2011, Audrey utilized her established network in Los Angeles to help her build and launch Minted Republic, an online boutique that features inspirations for a young, free-spirited independent girl that takes life in her own hands and doesn't let the distractions of the outside world influence her drive and passion to accomplish her goals.

The Minted girl is witty without trying to be funny; the Minted girl becomes the center of attention naturally, letting her inner beauty and her outward style speak for herself.


Boulder Drape Dress

Fuzzy Fitted Dress - Mocha

Sharkbite Top - White

Star Spangled Pencil Skirt - Brown

Star Spangled Pencil Skirt - Black
Star Spangled Pencil Skirt - Black

*free standard shipping on all orders to locations in the United States. 
*international shipping: USPS First Class Airmail without tracking
$15.00 1-3 Weeks

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