Thursday, 31 May 2012

Best Jeans Guide for Summer 2012

Best Jeans Guide Summer 2012
from Popsugar

How to wear it: We think the boyfriend cut is best worn with an oversized t-shirt 
or a buttoned-down shirt

How to wear it: To emphasize your legs, opt for a loose-fitted blouse on top

How to wear it: We would pair them with neutral coloured tops

How to wear it: Pick a traditional dark, clean blue with minimal pocket detailing that will flatter you

How to wear it: Muted prints are cute with darker and bolder tops while a loud print will be great with an oversized t-shirt or neutral-toned blouse.

How to wear it: Since the length of the jean is shortened, you want to make sure what you're wearing on top isn't too long. 

How to wear it: Channel the high-rise retro vibe by pairing old school prints — think polka dots, black-and-white florals

How to wear it: Just like you would with bold costume jewelry or an outstanding pair of heels, you have to let your embellished jeans speak for themselves. A neutral t-shirt is ideal

How to wear it: It's a classic style that works dressed up with sexy tops or dressed down with a casual tee. 

How to wear it: During the day, bright print tops and slick ballet flats will look fine and for the evening, change into a silky button-up blouse.

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