Sunday, 15 April 2012

What Celebs Really Look Like Without Makeup

Collection of Celebs with and without makeup
Who are the real natural beauties??


I think some celebs are really pretty 
without trying too hard!!

I love Beyonce, Penelope Cruz, 
Jennifer Lopez, even Kim Kardashian,
Halle Berry (so pretty!), Rihanna, Eva Longoria, 
Jessica Biel (what a natural!), Adrianna Lima (ooh-la-la), Natalie Portman (fresh-faced beauty) & Rosario Dawson!

Photos by: Getty Images


  1. My picks are Adriana, Gisele & Natalie :D

    1. I think I better invest more on my facial skincare :)
      With flawless skin, I would be brave like them to go without make up too! The least I have worn is concealer for my undereye area!!! hahahaha