Monday, 9 April 2012

Prada's Spring/Summer 2012 Floral Ankle Bracelets

Start a trend wearing pretty floral bracelets round our ankle!

Here we have spotted some similar floral bracelets from etsy artisans 
you can wear round your ankle! 
(Just click on the images to take you to the item page)

Pastel Floral Bracelet

Turquoise Floral Bracelet with Swarovski Accents

Polymer Clay Bracelet - Floral Bracelet - Flower Bracelet - Ivory Bracelet - Bridal Bracelet - Handmade Bracelet

Floral Bracelet, Matte Gold Bracelet, Spring 2012

Polymer Clay Bracelet - Flower Bracelet - Floral Bracelet - Handmade Bracelet - Blue Bracelet

Polymer Clay Bracelet - Flower Bracelet - Floral Bracelet - Purple Bracelet - Handmade Bracelet

White and Yellow Floral Bracelet

Pastel Floral Bracelet Victorian Aristocratic Spring Fashion

Pink Cold Porcelain Floral Bracelet

Floral Bracelet in White With Real Pearls, Ideal for Bride or Bridesmaids

Floral Bracelet in Mushroom Colour, Ideal for Bridesmaids

Red Cold Porcelain Floral Bracelet

Flower Bracelet, Orange N Yellow, floral bracelet, resin flowers, gold plated settings

Rainbow Floral Bracelet, Color Wheel Bracelet

Spring floral charm Bracelet


  1. Thanks for sharing! The anklets are really pretty! Have always wanna have one.

    1. I think it is so creative to wear a bracelet (originally regarded as a wrist accessory) on our ankle!!!